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Green Wedge Forever!


Love the birds and the bees and all the trees? Love playing in the park, riding your bike, and rolling in the grass? What do you love about living in the Green Wedge shire?

The Green Wedge is made up of parks, farms and other green places. It's where native animals live, like echidnas, wombats and Gang-gang cockatoos! The Green Wedge gives us yummy local food, and keeps us healthy. Spending time outside is good for all of us!

Did you know that Nillumbik Council is writing something that will affect the future of the Green Wedge, and the plants and animals that live here? They would like to know what YOU think! No matter how old you are, you have a voice.

What You Can Do

Have your say 📣

Council wants to hear what you have to say about the Green Wedge! You can tell them what you want for the Green Wedge by writing a story, drawing a picture, or making a video. Tell them how much you care about:

  • Trees and plants 🌿
  • Native Animals 🐨
  • Parks and reserves 🌳
  • Farms and fresh food 🍎
  • Anything else you can think of...

Whatever you decide to create, you can send it to Council and have your say!

Make a submission 💌

Council is listening to feedback about how the Green Wedge will be looked after. You can give them your feedback by filling out this form. Tell an adult (like a parent or teacher) that you'd like to make your voice heard by making a submission. They can look at the tips on this website and help you make a submission!

Spread the word 🥁

Do your classmates and friends love climbing trees, and watching kangaroos? You can help the Green Wedge by talking about it more often with them. Ask them to check out this website! If you want everyone to know more about what makes the Green Wedge special, you can try downloading poster templates from the kids' resource kit below!

Download the kids' resource kit here, and get started in spreading the word.

About Us

This website campaign is part of a wider community effort to protect the Green Wedge. We're ordinary Nillumbik residents who want to see the Green Wedge conserved for the enjoyment and safety of future generations.

We are not an organisation, answer to no Council or government body, and are campaigning on our own pooled resources. We love living in Nillumbik for its wild and green spaces. We want to see it thrive for all time to come.

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